The second aspect of the Good Canadian Challenge is to give. Sponsorship requires financial resources to support the families in their first year in Canada. On this page, we're collecting funds which are run by trustworthy, reputable, and effective people and organizations.

We challenge you to give at least $39.95 to one of these groups, or to anyone else involved in sponsoring refugees.

We'll be posting new groups here as we find and vet more.

MCC Canada

Mennonite Central Committee of Canada

The MCC has been involved in numerous refugee sponsorships.

From their site, "A gift of welcome provides a safe new home in Canada for refugees. MCC Canada works with churches and other community groups to settle refugees from many conflict zones around the world..."

CMA Canada

Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

From their site - "We have established a Refugee Fund to a support local churches who are participating in refugee sponsorship resettlement.  This fund is a safety reserve for sponsoring groups to apply for unexpected financial emergencies outside of the resettlement budget."

Fill in your information, then in the section under “Designate Your Gift” select “AJC: Refugee Fund”.


Sharing a message on Facebook is good, and giving money to show our sympathy is important. However, we'll never bring about change in this situation effectively if private citizens like you and me don't make use of the unique privilege we have as Canadians: to be able to sponsor refugees to come to our great country.

Thus, part three of the Good Canadian Challenge.

Will you pledge to do everything you can to sponsor a refugee family to come to Canada?