What is The Good Canadian Challenge?

The Good Canadian Challenge (a play on words, referring to the story of the Good Samaritan) is a challenge to all Canadians to love their global neighbors in an effective, responsible, and powerful way by sponsoring refugees.

Canada is known around the world as a country of acceptance, hospitality, love, and justice.
We've brought in thousands of refugees over our history, and we've helped millions with our humanitarian work in our last 150 years.

At the same time, it's been said that the current refugee crisis spawning from the Syrian Civil War and the spread of ISIS is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation.

Something more needs to be done.

I'd like to challenge you, that what is true of Canada in normal circumstances, needs to be exceptionally true of us in these exceptional circumstances.

We are in an exceptional place in history, and we have an exceptional ability to act.

Will you?

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How do I take the challenge?

The Good Canadian Challenge consists of three steps. Share, Give, and Sponsor.

1. Share

My dear Canuck, you have a time-sensitive, unparalleled opportunity to work together with your amazing country to demonstrate to the world what it's like to Love Your Neighbor, in a truly global way.

That's a message worth sharing!

2. Give

We've collected a list of reputable organizations who are working towards resettling refugees into Canada.

You can make a difference by giving financially towards their work.

3. Sponsor

The unique ability to sponsor refugees that we as Canadians have is useless if private citizens, like you and me, don't stand up and do it!

You, yes you, have the ability to bring a refugee family out of a life of desperation, into our wonderful country of Canada.

Will you?